"Windows 10 information with details of advanced Windows 10 features."



"Microsoft has shown off some of the new Windows 10 security mechanisms embedded in Windows 10 and revealed a change to its Windows 10 software updates."

"Windows 10 enterprise customers will stay on monthly update cycle which will be reworked as Windows Update for Business: this will allow IT managers to pick and choose updates to deploy, and set when they will be automatically installed."

"Windows 10 showed off new feature with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) which tries to sense the presence of malware in a network and locks down apps to prevent sensitive data being copied within a device."

"Windows 10 desktop system requirements are almost identical to Windows 8.1 for 32bit Operating System, 1GB of Memory with 16GB of storage space and 64bit Operating System you will need 2GB of Memory with 20GB of storage space with Windows 10."

"Windows 10 regardless if you choose 32bit or 64bit, you will need a GPU supporting DirectX 9 and 800 x 600 resolution display. Display for consumer variants of Operating System must be 8 inches or greater in size and the Pro variants must be 7 inches or greater in size with Windows 10."

"Windows 10 reguires DirectX9 compatible GPU is still a requirement but screen size can be between 3 inches and 7.99 inches; Microsoft will likely view devices larger than that as needing the desktop Windows 10 Operating System."

"Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users this summer but Microsoft is also extending its offer to software pirates. We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non genuine, to Windows 10, says Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Windows chief, in an interview with Reuters. The move means that thousands, perhaps millions, of machines will get a free copy of Windows 10 even if a license has not been properly acquired. While the Reuters report is focused on China, it's not immediately clear if this extends to other regions but all Windows 10 qualified PCs appears to suggest so."

"Windows 10 and Microsoft has a long history of attempts to thwart software piracy. Windows XP was the company's first operating system to introduce software activation to verify license keys but it was quickly defeated using corporate license key that many pirates shared on the internet back in 2001. Software activation has evolved throughout various versions of Windows, but pirates have largely managed to bypass it each time. While Microsoft's plan might seem like letting software pirates go free, studies have found that in a lot of cases pirated Windows licenses are installed on new machines without customers even knowing they have an illegal copy. Microsoft has tried various methods to encourage those customers to return their machines or seek out a legal copy, but it's headache and a bad experience of Windows 10 itself if that's the first thing you have to deal with in certain regions."

"Windows 10 software piracy is no small feat, so Microsoft's move is surprising and meaningful. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed in 2011 that only one customer in every 10 is actually paying for Microsoft software in China, and he joined President Obama and other business leaders to highlight the issues. Microsoft has also continually highlighted the financial impact of Windows 10 software piracy but it continues to be a problem in Brazil, Russia, India, and China."

"Windows 10 will be free Upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 owners. This should make it a great Upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 because everyone likes things which are Free witrh Windows 10."

"Windows 10 is not for everyone because right now there is no information that you can upgrade from Windows Vista reaches it's end of Support in 2016 or Windows XP Which reached it's end of Support from Microsoft in 2014. This is a great shame because Windows 10 might be a great upgrade for Windows Vista and Windows XP owners."

"Windows 10 announced the next version of Windows - Windows 10. In his Windows blog, Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the Operating Systems group (OSG) talked about how Windows 10 "unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect. It'll run across an incredibly broad set of devices - from the Internet of Things, to servers in enterprise datacenters worldwide". Windows 10 is one product family offering a tailored experience for each device."

"Windows 10 DirectX 12 to deliver 20 percent overall increase in performance boost with Synthetic Benchmarks. If DirectX 12 can deliver this type of Windows 10 Performance Boost increase with Real Demanding Games then Windows 10 with DirectX 12 will be a great thing."

"Windows 10 will be one application platform, so whether you're building a game or a business application there'll be one way to write a universal app that targets the entire family. There will be one store, one way for applications to be discovered, purchased Windows 10 and updated across all of these devices."

"Windows 10 has Expanded Start Menu: The familiar Start menu is back providing quick one-click access to the functions and files that people use most, and includes a new space to Windows 10 personalize with favourite apps, programs, people, and websites."

"Windows 10 in a nutshell the One Application platform with tailored user experiences based upon the device. One Store, customisable for the Enterprise delivering Universal Apps. One Management solution across all devices, whether IoT, PC, Phone or Tablet. One security solution across all devices and Separation of Personal & Corporate data on the Windows 10 device."

"Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9926 is available to download free right now. Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for phones is available now. Windows 10 Consumer Preview is expected in later this year and the full version of Windows 10 should be available in the autumn. Windows 10 will be a free upgrade available to download for all Window7, Windows8 and Windows8.1 users for a year after launch. Windows 10 features include Cortana, new Spartan browser, Continuum, Xbox integration, Windows 10 DirectX 12 and Windows Holographic."

"Windows 10 apps run in a window: Apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format that desktop programmes do. They can be resized and moved around, and have title bars at the top allowing for maximize, minimize, and close with a click with Windows 10."

"Windows 10 Snap Enhancements: Snap improvements mean working in multiple apps at once is more intuitive. You can have up to four apps snapped on the same screen with a new quadrant layout. Windows will also show other apps and programs running for additional snapping and even make smart suggestions on filling available screen space with other Windows 10 open apps."

"Windows 10 Virtual Desktop: Instead of too many apps and files overlapping on a single desktop, it's easy to create and switch between distinct desktops for different purposes and Windows 10 projects-whether for work or personal use, or both."

"Open the Windows 10 Store right from your Start screen to browse and download apps for cooking, photos, sports, news, and a lot more many of them free. Sort by price, rating, and category. Find old favorites and hot new apps with Windows 10."


"Windows 10 start date 10th August 2015."

"Windows 10 end of support date 14th October 2025."